Singapore AdMarCom Festival 2024: Spotlighting the brave

SINGAPORE, 30/10/2023 — The upoming Singapore AdMarCom Festival in 2024, organized by the Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore (AAMS), is poised to etch a historic chapter in the industry. This event is dedicated to showcasing the industry’s boldest and most unconventional trailblazers, and it will serve as a momentous gathering that unites Admarcom professionals, students, and industry stalwarts.

The festival is set to be a convergence of exceptional individuals who proudly embrace the “misfit” label, redefining it as a badge of honor. These are the individuals who boldly challenge convention and champion innovation. The festival is slated to kick off 2024 with a resounding and impactful celebration.

Under the theme “Honoring the Pioneers,” the festival is a resounding call to action for those who dare to be indifferent to the whims of fortune. The festival’s essence revolves around uniting as one harmonious community, transcending backgrounds and status, in order to celebrate and invigorate creativity within the realms of Advertising, Marketing, and Communications.

Goh Shu Fen, the President of the Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore, shares her thoughts on the Singapore AdMarCom Festival 2024, stating, “The festival stands as the ultimate platform for our practitioners to commemorate their craftsmanship, kindle fresh concepts, and elevate the field of marketing. Our theme, ‘Honoring the Pioneers,’ serves as a rallying cry for individuals at every stage of their journey, from students to industry veterans, to experience the transformative power of creativity in propelling innovation and pioneering new frontiers for our society and economy.”

A Confluence of Prestigious Awards and Remarkable Talent

‘The Singapore AdMarCom Festival 2024 hosted at MAX Atria @ Expo is no ordinary
event; it’s the convergence of three industry awards:

  • The Crowbar Awards
  • Singapore Media & Marketing Awards (SMMA)
  • The Creative Circle Awards (GONG)

These three awards will run concurrently, leading to a magnificent dinner event. The
night will feature inspiring keynote speakers and the esteemed Senior Minister of State,
Tan Kiat How. To cap off this extraordinary evening, the Hall of Fame awards will be
brought back to life in a grand finale.

Eat, Drink, Network, and Celebrate

The festival promises an unforgettable experience, with booths, an abundance of
refreshments, and a myriad of industry personnel eager to connect. It’s the ultimate
celebration of the industry, where you can dine, imbibe, and network with peers,
mentors, and newcomers. Join us for an evening that unites the past, present, and
future of the AdMarCom industry.

Tickets for the Singapore AdMarCom Festival 2024 are available starting from the 30th
of October
. Early bird ticket sales end 30th November. Secure your spot early, learn
more and be a part of this extraordinary event by visiting the official festival website at

This sensational event offers exceptional visibility for sponsors. For sponsorship
opportunities and inquiries, please contact Geoff at
For any additional inquiries or information about the festival, please reach out to Keith at

About Singapore AdMarCom Festival

The Singapore AdMarCom Festival is an annual celebration of creativity and excellence
in the Advertising, Marketing, and Communications industry. It brings together
professionals, students, and industry veterans to recognize outstanding achievements
and inspire the next generation of talent.

About AAMS

The AAMS (Association of Advertising and Marketing Singapore) was formed on 1 Nov
2019, merging both the 4As (Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore,
formed in 1948) and IAS (Institute of Advertising Singapore, formed in 1990). Our team
of industry experts has unrivaled experience in the advertising industry. We look forward
to working with our partners and members to become the Regional Beacon for
Marketing, Creativity, and Performance.

We have a series of established industry awards and annual events to recognize
outstanding talents in advertising, media, and related fields to motivate those in the
industry to achieve greater heights. Prominent among them are the Singapore Creative
Circle Awards (the Gong), Singapore Media and Marketing Awards, the Crowbar
Awards and the Effie Awards.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Keith, Manager, Events & Marketing Communications
Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore