Pitch Best Practices Guide

With pitches happening more frequently, lower revenues and evolving partnership models are forcing marketers to rethink the pitch process, especially in this uncertain pandemic economy. Singapore continues to be a significant regional, and global marketing services hub for both emerging and well-established brands.

The topic of pitching has become increasingly important to AAMS’ growing and diverse membership base that include senior professionals from both the client and agency side. Specifically, the sheer volume of pitches and lack of consistent pitching standards have become a key industry concern and the focus of efforts at the AAMS.

In order to help capture and articulate the key issues and provide an impartial objective point of view, AAMS and R3 have joined forces to help co-create the Pitch Best Practices guide with the aim of helping members and the industry in a market that should be a natural thought leader for creating and upholding industry standards. Through the guide, the AAMS also aims to start a healthy dialogue between all parties involved, creating broader awareness toward positive pitching standards in our industry.

Key Industry Leaders Opinions

“A pitch process is only effective if the Marketer puts in a significant amount of work to shortlist the agencies based on their needs before issuing an RFP to a maximum of 3-5 agencies. This pitch guide will set you up for success towards a dream partnership with your future agency partner.”  – Marcus Chew – Group CMO, LAZADA

“New business is an essential lifeblood of any agency. And that’s why this Pitch Best Practices guide is so vitally important. In my experience, I have seen an extraordinary waste of time, resources, and money on poorly conceived and managed pitches. As an industry, we must come together to both demonstrate and uphold these Best Practices to ensure our credibility and so we want everyone to “sign up!” – Chris Riley – Group Chairman, Ogilvy Singapore & Malaysia

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