Membership Benefits


How AAMS is going to help you

AAMS is the only professional trade association representing advertising and media agencies in Singapore. Its membership is an endorsement of higher professionalism and standard in advertising which the association seeks to achieve.

Enjoy these amazing benefits

Be heard

You will have a stronger collective voice and representation on industry issues, which may affect the well being of your company’s operations.

Exclusive activities

Participate in the various social, networking and professional development activities organized by the association.

Stay updated

You can keep abreast of current developments in the industry through our communiqué & networking.

Cost savings

Enjoy cost savings through membership discounts on all AAMS events, endorsed seminars and events. Members stand to also benefit from cost savings on The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) administration fee for complaints.

Members can enjoy special discounts upon signing up at Little Black Book. Contact us at  if you are keen to know more.


Members will only receive first-hand information on all of our events


Additional Benefits of Crowbar Membership 

Only available for final year students
All Crowbar Members will be able to keep current with our developments in the industry through our communiqué and network, participate in various social networking and professional development activities organised by the association.

Join our Apprenticeship Programs
Crowbar members will be able to join our apprenticeship programs, which include placement and training!