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A collaboration between IPA and AAMS

Take a course with IPA and AAMS, local enterprise leaders, to equip your teams with digital mindsets, technical capabilities, and a growth culture that drives business success.

Our award-winning learning and development program was designed by the industry's most accomplished professionals. It encompasses all disciplines at all levels, from apprentice to senior management.


The Chartered Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) has a well-earned reputation for thought leadership, best practice, and continuous professional development. It is widely recognized as the most influential professional body of practitioners in advertising and marketing communications in the world.


  • Advanced Certificate in Communications Planning

    The IPA Advanced Certificate in Communications Planning provides an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of communications strategy planning.

  • Advanced Certificate in Effectiveness

    Learn about objective setting, how to design a multi-platform campaign measurement program, advertising effectiveness theories, and how to write an effectiveness paper to demonstrate your accomplishments.

  • Commercial Essentials Certificate

    This qualification will introduce you to the fundamentals of agency and client business from a commercial perspective, allowing you to immediately incorporate this knowledge into your daily work.

  • Digital Performance Essentials Certificate

    You will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, including SEO and Paid Search, and acquire the skills necessary to plan and execute successful digital marketing campaigns. The learning content is continuously reevaluated to reflect the rapid rate of digital evolution.

  • Digital & Inclusion Essentials Certificate

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the obstacles we must overcome and the behaviors we must alter to create a more diverse and inclusive advertising industry.

  • Effectiveness Essentials Certificate

    Learn the role and necessity of effectiveness in your work in just ten hours of online study. Make better, more informed, and more strategic decisions in your role, and empower yourself to collaborate and work more efficiently and effectively.

  • Foundation Certificate

    Written for the industry, by the industry, using webinars, forums, expert opinion videos, and podcasts, the Foundation Certificate is the definitive advertising program for beginners.

Written for the industry, by the industry.