Digital Performance Essentials Certificate

Master the basics of Digital Performance Marketing and get your career off to a great start with this brand new certificate. You’ll cover the key disciplines in digital marketing including SEO and Paid Search and develop the skills you need to plan and implement successful digital marketing campaigns. To reflect the pace at which digital is changing, the learning content is continuously reviewed.

Who is this qualification for?

Specially designed for junior practitioners working in the communications industry. You may be in your first year within a digital agency or specialist department. It’s also ideal for more experienced individuals looking to add knowledge of digital to their existing skill set.

What are the benefits?

  • Gain an essential grounding in being a successful client manager and strategic thinker.
  • Become better at briefing, planning, and executing digital marketing campaigns.
  • Understand each of the key disciplines in digital marketing, providing you with a background knowledge that will enable you to hold your own in team and client meetings.
  • Learn how to buy traffic through display marketing and manage successful campaigns.
  • Explore how SEO has evolved and how to make it work for you
  • Understand affiliate marketing, what’s involved and how to manage campaigns successfully
  • Learn about Paid Search and how to manage your keyword strategies efficiently.

How is the qualification delivered and assessed?

  • The 10 hours of learning is delivered across 5 modules that can be completed at your own pace, in your own time. Candidates can access and download the learning through the IPA website on any device or via the IPA Learning app.
  • A mandatory, multiple-choice self-test, available in online learning, must be passed before the exam date.
  • This assessment can be re-attempted as needed until you achieve a 75% pass grade. If the candidate does not pass this assessment by the exam date, the final exam will not be accessible to them, and they must follow the deferral or cancellation policy.
  • The qualification is then assessed via a formal 70-minute online exam at a set date and time, 105-minutes in non-English speaking countries.
  • Candidates must answer 12 short-form essay questions.
  • The passing grade for the final exam is 50%. Candidates who pass the exam will be awarded a digital certificate of completion.

Learning Syllabus

Module 1: Account Management & Planning

This module looks at what you need to do to be a successful client manager and strategic thinker. It’s less about the nuts and bolts of digital marketing campaigns and optimization and more about what you need to do to understand your client and their business

Module 2: Paid Search

This module covers paid search, one of the key digital marketing channels. You’ll learn about everything from how to write ad copy, to how to efficiently manage your keyword strategies.

Module 3: Display Advertising

In this module, we look at the various ways you can buy traffic through display marketing. We cover everything from native ads on social media, to programmatic display buys. We explain how each works and what you need to do to manage successful campaigns.

Module 4: SEO

Search engine optimisation is all about getting more of the right kind organic search traffic. You’ll learn about how SEO has evolved over the last decade and see that it’s not the dark art it’s sometimes thought to be!

Module 5: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing channel that involves working with third parties on a pay-per-result basis. Here we will explore how it works, find out what’s involved and how to manage and scale campaigns successfully.


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Intake Dates

The 2022 intake commences on 30 May 2022.


Principal Author


“Putting new joiners through the qualification will not only take the pressure off more senior staff, but give your new joiners a self-service learning platform where they can build confidence by developing knowledge away from their day-to-day team environment”