Digital Out-Of-Home

What is it?

AAMS working with Moving Walls, our technical partner, has launched the Out-of-Home Media platform in Singapore on 30th March 2020.

This sets up a benchmark of standard metrics in the outdoor space, establishing a common currency for a digital nation. It allows smaller media owners to have a level playing field. It helps maintain growth rates in the context of digital media’s growing scale by allowing greater access to a tech-based measurement platform.

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Expected outcome

The growth of the OOH segment, the pace of adoption of greater measurability across multi OOH assets, and being ready for greater sophistication of the outdoor media will depend on all of us playing a part in supporting and pushing for improvement in the OOH segment.

  • New advertisers: greater measurability will increase the use of OOH
  • New OOH media owners being represented – it is a platform providing audience measurements at industry standards
  • Increased sophistication in OOH sales rationalization, better business
  • `Future-ready’ – better prepared for cross-media or omnichannel measurement

Our work

Kopitiam brings accountability to Food Court advertising by adopting Industry Standard Measurement from AAMS’ technology partner Moving Walls

  • AAMS is currently championing an industry-wide regional Outernet media measurement initiative with Moving Walls. The project, through measuring physical location and people’s movement, powers planning, selling, verification, and re-targeting audiences using location-based Outernet media, has hit the ground running with the launch of its OMIG initiative.
  • The project charter was to bring accountability to Food Court advertising by deploying Moving Walls’ patented audience measurement to accelerate the adoption of technology on these media assets.

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