Effectiveness Essentials Certificate

Understand the role and the need for effectiveness in your work in just ten hours of online learning.

Make better, more informed, more strategic decisions in your role and empower yourself to work more collaboratively, efficiently and effectively with the Effectiveness Essentials Certificate.

Who is this qualification for?

  • Primarily aimed at entry-level advertising practitioners in agency and client businesses.
  • But anyone at any level from any department would benefit from the overview of the key thinking, knowledge and practices of effectiveness that Effectiveness Essentials offers.
  • Mid to senior practitioners in effectiveness, planning and strategy.

What are the benefits?

  • Discover lessons from award-winning effectiveness papers.
  • Understand the principles of effectiveness, why it matters and how you can make the case for commercial creativity.
  • Learn effectiveness best practice and why a culture of effectiveness should be embedded in your workplace.
  • Make better, more informed, more strategic decisions in your role.

How the learning is delivered and assessed

  • IPA members can access this qualification free of charge at any time. There is no completion deadline unless one is set by your employer.
  • Non members must complete this qualification by 31 December of their intake year.
  • 10-hours of online learning accessible through the IPA website on any device, or via the IPA Learning app
  • Examined via a 35-minute multiple-choice online exam.

Candidates who achieve a pass grade of 75% in the final exam will be awarded a digital certificate of completion and 1 MIPA star towards personal accreditation.

Learning Syllabus

The 2022 Intake Dates

The 2022 intake commences on 30 May 2022.

Module 1: Introduction to Effectiveness

This module covers key definitions and terms and is designed to build an understanding of what effectiveness means in the context of marketing and advertising, and why it matters to brands, businesses, and agencies.

Module 2: Understanding “Short Term”

This module is closely linked to Module 3 (Understanding “Long Term”) and is designed to develop a top-level understanding of short term effects, some common associated metrics, and common contexts.

Module 3: Understanding the “Long Term”

This module is closely linked to Module 2 (Understanding “Short Term”) and is designed to develop a top-level understanding of long term effects, some common metrics, and common contexts.

Module 4: Understanding “Business Metrics”

This module explores the wider business impact and value of brands, marketing and communications and includes some practical explanations of the key terms you need to understand.

Module 5: Understanding “Wider Effects”

This module highlights some of the wider effects and impacts marketing can have, including internal metrics like employee satisfaction, cause related awareness and public sector behavioural change campaigns.

Module 6: Effectiveness in Context

This module includes an exploration of variations across the media mix, category context, and B2B to demonstrate that not all categories and channels are equal when it comes to effectiveness.

Module 7: Effectiveness Culture

This module aims to develop an understanding of the key drivers, components and benefits of effectiveness culture.

Module 8: Brands & Behaviour

This module aims to give a topline understanding of the fundamentals of behaviour in relation to brands, marketing and advertising.

Module 9: Measurement Strategy

This module is designed to help bring together all the core elements of effectiveness under a coherent and planned measurement strategy.

Module 10: Commercial Creativity

This module explores the business case for creativity, including the link between creativity and effectiveness.

You can understand the principles of effectiveness and why it matters in ten hours of online learning, as well as how to make a case for commercial creativity and develop an effective culture within your company.


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Intake Dates

The 2022 intake commences on 30 May 2022.


Chris Thurling

Chairman, Armadillo

“It took me roughly eight hours to complete all the modules, but it was time well-spent. I learned things that were new to me, such as Les Binet and Peter Field’s work on the most effective balance between brand building and sales activation (the 60/40 rule) and the power of ‘fluent devices’. And I had useful refreshers in areas such as behavioural science, the difference between effectiveness and efficiency and the use of data and heuristics to de-risk advertising.It was a really useful exercise to remind myself about the first principles of how advertising works and how to build a serious business case for creative advertising and marketing that even the most sceptical CFO would find compelling. With effectiveness being part of our DNA, I’m hoping that all levels of Armadillo will embrace this course, and even go on to do the Advanced Certificate in Effectiveness (formerly the Eff Test), that the IPA is launching in October 2020.”