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Film & Photography

Film and photography are some of the richest media forms for branding that leverages entertainment value, the emotional quotient, and psychological impact on audiences.


Design brings things to life. It is a key part of an entity’s identity and goes across multiple media.

Digital & Innovation

From being a niche arena, digital is now an integral communications medium for every conceivable branding practice today.


Branding is a key foundation of any company as it centers around the increasing necessity of mindshare and conceptual ownership.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness celebrates creativity found in branded communications that promotes consumer health products and services with the intent of maintaining health and well-being that will truly change lives.


Advertising is constantly adapting and changing to communicate exciting new ideas to an  increasingly savvy audience.


Awarding work that strives to go beyond the brand purpose culturally, socially, and environmentally. Entries can be work that uses creative communications to create a positive impact for an organization, brand, design, product, innovation, service, or message.


Please keep in mind that the students listed here have agreed to participate in this talent acquisition program. Some have declined, so a complete list of all team credits for the work may not be included here. Only with consent were mobile phone numbers provided. Not every student has responded with a personal email address. In the meantime, the email address of the team representative is indicated. As students respond, the contact list will be updated. It should also be noted that some URL links to the works have been removed. If you need to see them or contact them, please make a direct request for access.