AAMS International Admarcom Networking with AdConsult

The Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore (AAMS) is excited to announce a networking opportunity with AdConsult, an international Admarcom business networking organisation. This is a significant milestone in AAMS’s mission to expand international networking opportunities and foster valuable connections in the global advertising and marketing industry.

In a recent meeting, AAMS had the privilege of hosting representatives from AdConsult, creating an engaging platform for international networking and knowledge exchange. This gathering was a delightful occasion characterized by synergy and shared experiences, providing both organizations with a unique forum to connect and explore the core values and mission that define AAMS.

The collaboration with AdConsult underscores AAMS’s unwavering commitment to building a robust global network of advertising and marketing professionals. This reflects the digital transformation efforts of AAMS, opening doors to exciting and impactful networking possibilities for professionals worldwide.

AAMS extends a warm invitation to all stakeholders in the Advertising, Marketing & Communication (AdMarCom) industry on this journey towards enhanced networking opportunities. Together, we will explore new horizons, create lasting connections, and shape the future of the industry through collaborative networking initiatives like these.

About AAMS

The Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore (AAMS) is a leading organization in the advertising and marketing industry, dedicated to expanding global networking opportunities, fostering innovation, and connecting professionals worldwide.

About AdConsult

AdConsult is a dynamic International company renowned for its expertise in the advertising and marketing sector. Their networking with AAMS represents a commitment to building strong international connections and enhancing opportunities for professionals in the industry.