Effie Learning Festival 2023: Elevating Marketing Effectiveness

The Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore proudly inaugurated the first-ever Effie Learning Festival, a groundbreaking event focused on imparting the art of infusing business effectiveness into the day-to-day brand-building process, presented by top industry experts. On September 7th, this festival brought together a diverse gathering of prominent brand marketers, advertising professionals, and budding students of institutions (under & post graduates).

What is the Effie Learning Festival?

The Effie Learning Festival stands as one of Singapore’s pioneering events, if not the sole one, committed to the study of effectiveness through astute creative work. Drawing insights from accomplished professionals celebrated with Effie awards, this festival unites the brightest talents of the future, seasoned industry veterans, and iconic brands, all under one roof.

A Vibrant Hub for Learning and Collaboration

This festival represents a precious learning opportunity for students keen to delve into the intricacies of effective marketing. It offers them a unique chance to engage with industry leaders, draw inspiration from award-winning campaigns, and expand their network with peers.

Generous Sponsorship

Esteemed experts in the marketing and advertising realm generously shared their wisdom, delivering insightful case studies and valuable perspectives. Distinguished brands showcased their innovative campaigns, sharing their journey toward marketing excellence. These presentations not only serve as a wellspring of inspiration for the industry but also offer a platform for brands to connect with the future talent pool.

Highlights of the Effie Learning Festival:

The presenters delved into real-world case studies, recounting the challenges they encountered, their strategic methodologies, and the remarkable results they achieved. The festival acted as a catalyst for meaningful connections among students, marketers, and brands. It was a melting pot of creativity, collaboration, and the limitless potential of tomorrow.

According to Rowena Bhagchandani and Dhiren Amin, Co-Chairs of the Effie Awards Singapore, and respectively, the CEO of BLKJ Havas and the Chief Customer Officer of Income, “It provides a unique opportunity for young professionals and students to learn from industry experts and witness the strategies that drive business success. Ultimately, our aim is to empower the marketing community in their pursuit of effectiveness.”

The Effie Learning Festival etched itself as an unforgettable day of education, inspiration, and networking. For students aspiring to ignite their marketing careers, seasoned marketers looking to connect, and brands eager to engage with the next generation of talent, this event was a gateway to something truly exceptional.