Practise For Cannes… Enter The 2023 Gong Awards

Since its inception in 1980, the Gong Awards has been a beacon of artistic achievement in Singapore, illuminating the exceptional work of local creatives for over four decades. With every passing year, it has become an integral part of Singapore’s creative landscape, inspiring and setting new standards for excellence.

The Gong Awards prides itself on its local heritage, yet its vision extends far beyond national borders. This unique blend of local pride and global ambition positions the event as a catalyst for change in the industry. It strives not only to acknowledge local talent but to launch these creatives onto the international stage, solidifying Singapore’s influence in the global design and advertising arena.

The Gong Awards is a proven stepping stone to global recognition. Over the years, numerous Gong Awards winners have ascended to international fame by securing prestigious accolades at renowned festivals like D&AD, One Show, Clio, Spikes, and the illustrious Cannes, considered the World Cup of creativity. These triumphs underscore the caliber of talent that the Gong Awards nurtures and celebrates.

In 2023, the Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore (AAMS) is sounding the call to action. They implore agencies to seize this opportunity and prepare for the 2024 award season by participating in the 2023 Gong Awards. The awards serve as a vital arena to showcase and refine creative works, offering a platform for growth and recognition.

By engaging in the 2023 Gong Awards, agencies take the first stride toward Cannes 2024 glory. It’s the ideal place to test their work, hone their skills, and align themselves with the trajectory leading to international success. Participation in the Gong Awards paves the way for agencies to make their mark on the grand stage of creativity at Cannes in 2024.

In line with the shifts in the media landscape, two new categories have been added this year:

  • Branded Entertainment
  • Social & Influencers.

In addition, there are also four new People awards up for grabs:

  • Young Strategist of the Year
  • Young Account Person of the Year,
  • Young Director of the Year and
  • Young Photographer of the Year.