Singapore Media and Marketing Awards 2023

With immense excitement, the Association of Advertising and Marketing Singapore (AAMS) heralds the resurgence of the Singapore Media Awards, now reimagined as the Singapore Media Marketing Awards following a three-year pause. This year’s spotlight, “Convergence Unleashed,” underscores the crucial importance of collaboration, diversity, and accountability in shaping the future of our ever-evolving industry.

Steering this rejuvenated phase are co-chairs Ian Loon, the CEO of Media & Digital, Singapore and the Chief Transformation Officer for Southeast Asia at Publicis Groupe, along with Bee Bee Lim, the marketing leader for the Consumer Business Group at DBS Singapore. Their collective expertise and sharp strategic acumen form a formidable duo, underscoring the importance of inclusivity and accountability in driving industry excellence.

Loon passionately stated, “Our sector flourishes on the incredible fusion of talents, where diverse skills and perspectives converge, amplifying outcomes for businesses and their customers. The Singapore Media Marketing Awards shine a light on this synergy, particularly in Singapore’s unique market that leans heavily on international collaborations. This shared zeal, I believe, is fundamental to bolster our industry’s adaptability and readiness for emerging opportunities.”

Echoing these thoughts, Lim added, “Central to marketing is the united pursuit of forging genuine bonds with consumers. These accolades celebrate such efforts, underlining the essential role of collaborative convergence in devising robust strategies. The mutual responsibility we shoulder in sustaining these connections is paramount. It’s a privilege to champion an initiative that celebrates consumer engagement and the underlying spirit of teamwork and responsibility.”

Rebranded as the Singapore Media Marketing Awards, the ceremony salutes the dedication, innovation, and creativity of both local and global enterprises that have blossomed in Singapore. The awards shine a spotlight on commendable campaigns birthed locally, resonating both nationally and internationally. With the combined leadership of Lim and Loon, the event promises to invigorate the platform, blending fresh outlooks and novel combinations to achieve stellar results for brands and the broader industry.

The Singapore Media Marketing Awards are not merely accolades. They serve as a launchpad for continued excellence, fueling the aspirations of today’s marketing mavens and the next generation. These awards celebrate commendable milestones while championing creativity and pioneering spirit. They are a tribute to our rich legacy, a salute to our achievements today, and a catalyst for future successes.

“With the unmatched expertise and fervor of Ian and Bee Bee, we are certain that the Singapore Media Marketing Awards will set a higher benchmark by recognizing exceptional talents, groundbreaking innovations, and ideas that have left an indelible mark on brands and businesses. Let’s not just applaud but also aspire to make Singapore the marcoms luminary of Asia,” commented Shufen Goh, President of AAMS.

Entries are now open for the Singapore Media Marketing Awards at The jury comprises esteemed brand advocates, season ad agency veterans, and experts from the realms of publishing and tech, this panel ensures a thorough assessment of every entry.

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